Vince Begin's Statistics

    Name Vince Begin Hours 6058.22
    Pilot ID WEF0001 Flights 307
    Rank Senior Captain Last Flight 51 Days ago
    Hire Date: 10/06/2015 Last Flight Date 02/02/2019

Vince Begin

Vince's Awards

    Staff - Awarded to a pilot who is a Staff Member here at WeFly. Welcome to WeFly Virtual  - Awarded to a pilot when his/her application is accepted into WeFly Virtual Airlines. 100 Hours - Awarded to a pilot that has 100 flying hours Legend - Awarded to a pilot that has 1000 hours. Teamspeak User - Has Connected and used the WeFly Virtual Teamspeak First Year - Presented for one year active in WeFly Virtual. Up The Ranks - Presented for two years active in WeFly Virtual. Old School - Flew in a Historical flights event. Tourist - Visit a destination of the month. First Flight - Received for First Flight